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Global War on Citizen

Well, I guess everybody heard about the ‘Financial Crisis’ and how all our Governments are sticking our money – because the STATE are the citizens, not the Politics – up the little creepy ass of some ‘Too big to crash’-banks.
And how funny is their pur actionism, right now, chasing all those ‘Golden Shakehands’ – reminds me a bit of Inquisition. While on the other side…

I must confess, i would have done the same if i were a broker, or speculant or whatever. Hey, the Government didn’t prohibit these speculations, so WTF.
Cash is Cash – even if the cash on my account is just ‘fiat money’ ..Our money is only money because of the sole, unbreakable faith in it – i’d have a nice baggy account with plenty of ‘0’ behind the one…
Money = DEBT and DEBT = MONEY…really easy, isn’t it.
It’ s like Religions – God only exists because of faith and faith only exists because of God.

Hmm, anyway, money is just 0 an 1..i mean bits and bytes, and all those billions and millions they put in the market don’t exist physically – i mean there’s no equal return from RealLife, like work or goods -, although the citizens have to pay for it. But HEY! That’s the way money goes…from the citizens up to the ass of these banks…i mean it’s always been like this and – apparently – it seems that the citizens are too stupid to learn from history, as history always repeats…to be honest: i hate that kinda loops.
And this system is about 400 years old, showing how stupid citizens are.

But, like all our ‘Big Chiefs’ say: The world will never be the same again. And how right they are…
Especially in all the so-called ‘Democracies’ around the world they are stripping down the civil liberty to nothing. Also here in Luxemburg…putting up surveillance-cam’s, assembling big and huge databases with all of your data they can gather and stocking up the police – while studies show that Luxemburg is the most secure city in the whole wide world and criminal rate in Luxemburg is falling since years. They’re selling it to you under ‘The Global War On Terror’, though i’ve never seen a terrorist beside the Politics…yeah, that’s what they call democracy.

Anyway, the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ are no longer solely assigned to that mystified ‘Bin-Laden’. In a country like Germany, demonstrators against that G-8-Shit are qualified as terrorists and the whole left-sided Scene is seen as terrorists, in France they plan to put up EDVIGE, a database containing every piece of information from the inhabitants of the HLM, to prevent terrorism and Italy…OMG, don’t even think about it. In fact, they are ‘terrorising’ us – that means that in their eyes we all are terrorists. You don’t care ’cause you don’t have anything to hide? Don’t be so sure of that, the’ll find something to sue you, i bet a billion 😀 And if you only want to take your money from the time of crisis this can be very dangerous.

The U- States and Germany have changed their constitutions, so that military forces can be employed against citizens for reasons that are so nebulous that – like i said a few lines before – they can use military forces against those Anti-G-8-demonstrations…

They are planning to restrict the internet..
what a brave new world…or should i say 1984?

Yai, i understand. You’ve got better thinks to do than bothering about those facts. I mean, you have to make party, got to plan the next holidays, have to think about your weight and Brangelina, D&G, Date-my-mum,Next and what-so-ever. I completely agree, you don’t want to waste your time with superficial things like:
– the eco-tax on car -relying on numbers of models that still have to be proven, ’cause hypothesis need to be proven – while the car industry doesn’t pay a cent ’til 2012(the EU said)
– the regularisation of the internet, because terrorists like me and many other write stuff like these few lines and the music industry that has overslept the digital revolution
– the monetary system
– the censored main-stream-medias and consequent dis-information
– the lost of our privacy and rights, for whom our ancestor stood up and fought to death…

I completely agree, little sheeps. Go ahead, don’t bother about politics and their actions. Don’t spend a single thought on my lines.
Hopefully, when you wake up, completely naked, stripped of your rights and a little RFID up your ass, you’ll think of me.